Smart Crew Skytagging in New York City #SMARTCREW (& Tribute to DG NWC)

For the last two Saturdays, Smart Crew in collaboration with Klughaus Gallery have been tagging the skies above NYC. Below are some shots of our tags with each letter about the size of the Empire State Building. Thanks to everyone who caught it and posted with #SMARTCREW (we probably stole your flick.) Two of the pilots flying the planes are actually Smart Crew members. Plug: Shout out to our main sponsor Geico. You will be seeing our names in the sky all summer long over New York City, so keep an eye out!

Graffiti Skywriting Smart Crew
Photo by @phridge

Dceve Smart Crew Skywriting

Smart Crew Skywriting Snoeman

Smart Crew Skywriting

Smart Crew Skywriting
Photo by Rhiannon Platt

Smart Crew Skywriting

Smart Crew Tags Sky

Smart Crew Skywriting
A shout out to DG NWC *Rest In Peace


Video by @phridge

Read more here:
Animal New York – Smart Crew Tags The Sky

Smart Crew’s NYC Box Truck for Queens (Nike NYC)

Last month, a couple of Smart Crew members painted the #NYCBOXTRUCK for Nike NYC in collaboration with Doubleday & Cartwright / Mass Appeal.  This project consisted of a series of 5 box trucks featuring artists from each borough.  (Toper – Smart Crew was also featured alongside Rime for the Staten Island Box Truck.) As always, we are always down to represent Queens!  Side note: This truck was painted way before this World Cup/soccer craze but timed out perfectly.  We especially had a lot of fun painting the top side of the truck.  If you get any shots of the truck rolling around from above, send it our way!.  Photos from the project below along with a video by Will Robson-Scott.

Smart Crew NYC Box Truck

Smart Crew NYC Box Truck

Football Graffiti - Smart Crew

Iron Triangle Smart Crew

Smart Crew Queens NYC Box Truck

Smart Crew Queens NYC Box Truck

Smart Crew Queens NYC Box Truck

Smart Crew Graffiti Truck

Smart Crew x Sixty Soho x Animal New York #SixtySmart

Last month, we worked on an art exhibit at Sixty Soho in collaboration with Animal New York and then got to destroy the artwork after the opening with sledgehammers. (We also invited people to come vandalize our work at the reception.) Needless to say, it was a fun time! Stay tuned as the full video by Animal New York is coming out soon…

Video Trailer:

Tons of photos from the event here on the BFA Website:

Sixty Hotels owner Jason Pomeranc w/ a few members of the Smart Crew:
Smart Crew Sixty Soho Graffiti

“The Evolution of Graffiti” (Top) by Smart Crew:

Tabatha McGurr helping vandalize the hotel…Tabatha McGurr - Smart Crew

SZA & VashtieSza Vashtie - Smart Crew

Venus XVenus X Smart Crew

Dceve Smart Crew - Sixty Soho


Smart Crew Sixty Soho

Smart Crew Destroys Hotel

Bedford and Bowery – Watch Smart Crew Destroy a Hotel Lobby With Sharpies and Sledgehammers

Bullett – Making and Destroying Art at SIXTY Hotel

Juxtapoz – Smart Crew Transforms Sixty Soho

Blackbook Mag – Trash Your Hotel Room at Sixty Soho

Slam x Hype – Smart Crew Plasters Sixty Soho

Fashion Windows – Interactive Graffiti Exhibit at Sixty Soho Signals Hotle’s Renovation

Complex – Last Night Artists and Guests Invaded SIXTY SoHo, Tagging and Bombing Walls With Graffiti

Smart Crew Chinatown Mural 2014 – Dceve / Snoeman

Most likely, you already seen these photos but we have to post them officially on our own blog right? Here are our wall drawings in Chinatown, NY (c) 2014. Thanks to Tsing Tao Beer, Nom Wah, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and Tay Shing Corp! Below is DCEVE’s Chinatown Postcard Mural complete w/ a dedication to Canal St. bootlegged bags and malfunctioning Fung Wah (RIP) Buses. Thank you to Snoeman and Elmo on the assist painting this!

Cool shot by the folks at Animal New York:

Smart Crew Deli by Snoeman:

Curated NYC “Street Art” on the gates. Hats off to these locals who all put in work over the years (in no particular order) – Remo,, Cinik, Mey, Sev, Easy/Joz, Miss17, Yes2, Trap, Vfr, Chino

Smart Crew Chinatown Corner (2014)

Apparently, we made it on the cover of a Chinese Newspaper (Sing Tao) as well…

Custom Names (Digital or By Hand) from ELMO

We rarely advertise things for sale here, but for a limited time, ELMO Smart/ATG is offering custom names created from his character letters. There are digital options and custom hand-done options (which obviously cost more/take longer.) Contact for more information. Below are a few examples of what to expect:

Custom Graffiti

Custom Graffiti

Custom Graffiti

Custom Graffiti

Custom Graffiti

For inquiries, contact

Dceve Smart Crew for Redhook, Brooklyn

Another mural from the NYC neighborhood postcard series by DCEVE #smartcrew

Thank you Beriah Wall for hooking up the space. Hopefully, a Smart Crew collaboration in the works with Beriah Wall coming soon!

Peace to Redhook! (…there’s more to it than just Ikea and Fairway)

Photos by Lisa Beggs

Dceve Smart Crew for DKNY (Faberge Big Egg Hunt NYC 2014)

Happy Easter! The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is in town (if you didn’t already notice.) This is the first year they are doing this in New York City. DCEVE was asked to be an artist for this project in collaboration with DKNY. You can own this egg by bidding on it online here! “Sponsored by Fabergé, the event is 100% charitable, raising money for children in New York City through Studio in a School, and conservation efforts through Elephant Family, saving the endangered Asian elephant and its habitat. “

“I am honored to be a part of this project alongside many big name artists including Retna, Terry Richardson, Ralph Lauren, Julian Schnabel, Jeff Koons and many more! For my egg, titled “Dawn Keepers New York” (DKNY) I explored the patterns of NYC in a typical morning commute (taxi, subway, coffee etc.) Mornings are also usually the end of a night for many graffiti writers. The best part is that the egg glows in the dark as well!”

From April 18–24, the eggs will be gathered and displayed at Rockefeller Center. On 22 April, Sotheby’s will hold a live auction conducted by Jamie Niven! Good luck bidding!

Dceve for DKNY - Faberge Egg Hunt

Dceve for DKNY - Faberge Egg Hunt

Dceve for DKNY - Faberge Egg Hunt


Dceve for DKNY - Faberge Egg Hunt